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New R & D Centre - Bridge from Development to Production

A principle and essential part of the development and production of any  equipment is the availability of a testing centre. Such a centre allows engineers not only to test the functionality of their equipment, but to solve and help prevent technological problems during the production process.

KONŠTRUKTA- Industry, a.s.

– manufacturer of machines and equipment for the tyre industry, with the main focus on extrusion and cutting lines, has been enjoying continuous growth during recent years and is enlarging its portfolio of customers and products. The increase in market share is being matched by the company´s increased attention to its existing and future customers, culminating in its recent decision to build new research and development centre. It has the customers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It established the business in the Chinese market successfully, export of the company presents 75% of turnover. Together with increasing of the market share responsibility towards users and future customers has been increasing.


Because of this KONŠTRUKTA - Industry has decided

to build a new Research and Development centre. The main focus of the centre is the development and examination of new functional components for extrusion devices and lines by means of simulation.

In the main part of the new centre

There is an extrusion machine with a diameter of extruder - 120 mm, equipped with special additional sensors compared with the standard machine, which allow detailed monitoring of the extrusion. There is also a feeding conveyer, temperature control units, a shrinkage conveyer, and other accessories. The company also supplemented a new kind of cooling equipment to the machine – a water spiral cooling device - which is the result of R & D technicians´ work.
Why the company, which has been successfully producing extrusion machines in series, feels the necessity to build the testing extrusion equipment for hundreds thousand of euro? The answer is very simple, mainly for experts.

Further development is not possible without the technological support. It is necessary to be able to analyze individual processes in order to understand how the influence of individual parameters affects the whole process. This work allows evaluating the quality of the output. The resulting knowledge allows the engineers to make changes in the construction of functional components, technological units and complete machines.

Practical verification of the processes

The possibility of practical verification of operational processes, like altered inputs , it enables the company to respond to customers´ requests quickly and effectively, especially with the use of new kinds of synthetic rubber or adjusted rubber stock. Konstrukta – Industry is confident that the R & D facility will persuade future customers about being a technologically capable supplier, always looking for ways to enhance customers´ satisfaction, while helping to ensure the continued support of existing customers.

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